Water Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services are always keeping pace with technological advancements and the ever-evolving market requirements based on the principles of sustainable dvelopment, with a strong focus on life-cycle economy, efficiency, reliablity and sustainability. We have established good partnership with many well-known technology solution providers in our profile.

Our Consultancy services include:
  • Evaluation of Cost Effective Solutions for Municipal & Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment; Water Reclamation; Desalination; including Chemical Systems; Water Quality Monitoring Systems; and Odour Treatment and Reduction Systems.
  • Design and Engineering of New Treatment Facilities
  • Review and Optimisation of Existing Facilities
  • Conducts treatability studies, laboratory testing and pilot testing, both inhouse and at the customer's site

ACE will determine optimal solutions by creating innovative solutions to protect water at its source, treat it to the highest standards, deliver it to homes and businesses, then collect and treat wastewater before reintroducing it safely back into the environment.

We Partner with all our stakeholders to deliver our services in an affordable way, while being responsible to the environment and wellbeing of the communities we serve.